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A Translator and Art Historian active in Heritage Conservation. You can meet me also at : Thank you for your visit. more...

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I've published 113 articles that have been viewed 444,645 times. I've received +1,256 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 14 questions and received +17 positive votes.
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Charleville-Mézières is an original and novating example of 17th century town planning compared with the other creations of the time. It is not a city straight as a bowstring with a symmetrical grid plan, nor a fortress-city. Six squares defined six sectors: The Place Ducale in the centre with on the West side, the palace and on the other three sides, the pavilions we can still see today. The famous poet Arthur Rimbaud was born here, a visit to his museum is a must.
Published by Francois Hagnere 66 months ago in France | +16 votes | 13 comments
The Chapel Sainte-Foy, see of the Confraternity of White Penitents in Montpellier, was rebuilt between 1623 and 1626. The interest of the edifice lies in the inner decoration of the sanctuary, a unique example in Montpellier of post-Tridentine Art. It has an important and rare panelled ceiling of the 17th century. The walls were adorned with gilt wainscots. The putti and medallions were painted by Antoine Ranc at the same period.
Published by Francois Hagnere 66 months ago in France | +12 votes | 5 comments
Around 1900, it was here that Picasso painted his Demoiselles d'Avignon and, with Van Dongen, Braque and Juan Gris, introduced the world to Cubism. Toulouse-Lautrec immortalized the spirit of the era in paintings of countless cabarets, circuses, danse halls, cafés and restaurants. The observant visitor will recapture in Montmartre the charm of this by-gone era.
Published by Francois Hagnere 66 months ago in France | +13 votes | 12 comments
The Church Saint-Louis des Invalides contains a magnificent organ on which Berlioz's Requiem was first played. It also hosts Napoleon I's Tomb. On the Place du Trocadéro and from the Palais de Chaillot (Museum of French Monuments, presenting real-size replicas of France's famous monuments), you will discover one of the most superb views in Paris with the Eiffel Tower.
Published by Francois Hagnere 66 months ago in France | +8 votes | 4 comments
Although the design of the Centre Pompidou is still quite controversial even today, no one would deny the success of the Centre in terms of tourists attraction. It is one of the most visited site in France. The vast parvis with its musicians, acrobats and strolling vendors brings to life the jugglers and street performers of the Middle Ages, while the Centre Pompidou itself is devoted to ultramodern cultural activities.
Published by Francois Hagnere 66 months ago in France | +10 votes | 7 comments
Today, four centuries later, the design of the Place des Vosges is still perfectly adapted to the elegant lifestyle of the square, with its numerous antique shops, bookshops, cafés and restaurants. The history of each building is associated with generations of celebrities and great aristocratic families of France. The Marais where can be found so many sumptuous mansions has become the hub of the gay community in Paris and also hosts an important Jewish community.
Published by Francois Hagnere 66 months ago in France | +5 votes | 2 comments
Lying around the Panthéon and the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, the Latin Quarter is one of the oldest part of Paris. The world-known Sorbonne University is in this area, with many historical buildings such as the Palace of the Luxembourg, housing the Senate of the French Republic, and the famous Cluny Museum. Chic cafés are also found on the Boulevards of the Latin Quarter.
Published by Francois Hagnere 67 months ago in France | +8 votes | 9 comments
The charming aristocratic Ile Saint-Louis, is like a small urban jewel, casting scintillating images into the Seine River and is studded with elegant 17th mansions, just like a necklace of so many architectural pearls. The Ile de la Cîté is both the geographical and historical heart of the French Capital. Distances to and from Paris are measured from Notre-Dame Cathedral,
Published by Francois Hagnere 67 months ago in France | +9 votes | 5 comments
The history of the monastery goes back to the 11th century, when Oliba, Abbot of Rippol and Bishop of Vic, decided to install a community of monks in the Hermitage of Santa Maria, one of those already existing in the mountains, in the 9th century. In no time, pilgrims began flocking to the new monastery, returning with tales of the wonders wrought there though the intercession of the Mother of God.
Published by Francois Hagnere 67 months ago in Spain | +5 votes | 3 comments
Built in the 13th century as a fortress to protect Paris while King Philip II Augustus was away in the Crusades, the Louvre gradually became the world's largest royal palace and has become one of the most prestigious repository of fine art. The Champs-Elysées where bustling activity never stops lead to the magnificent Arc de Triomphe, commemorating Napoleon I's victories.
Published by Francois Hagnere 67 months ago in France | +9 votes | 6 comments
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