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A Translator and Art Historian active in Heritage Conservation. You can meet me also at : Thank you for your visit. more...

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I've published 113 articles that have been viewed 444,645 times. I've received +1,256 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 14 questions and received +17 positive votes.
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It would be a mistake to believe that the Châteaux on the Loire offer a certain unity in style and appearance.
Published by Francois Hagnere 88 months ago in France | +26 votes | 16 comments
Our friend and fellow writer is seriously ill. Story of a friendship.
Published by Francois Hagnere 88 months ago in Friendship & Friends | +17 votes | 16 comments
The Artemision was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The sculptures kept in the British Museum are exceptional.
Published by Francois Hagnere 93 months ago in Turkey | +16 votes | 16 comments
Captain Haddock's residence in the Adventures of Tintin is in fact a famous château on the Loire Valley.
Published by Francois Hagnere 94 months ago in France | +14 votes | 15 comments
In Bourbon-Lancy old medieval sectors and new areas match in a vision to harmonize the useful and the pleasant.
Published by Francois Hagnere 88 months ago in France | +18 votes | 14 comments
Unless they are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of him in a corridor or coming or going in a helicopter from the South lawn, casual visitors to the White House are unlikely to see its famous occupant. There was a time when any citizen who cared to make the effort could visit the White House and shake hands with the President. But times have changed greatly and security is stricter.
Published by Francois Hagnere 65 months ago in United States & Canada | +21 votes | 13 comments
Since John Adams, Presidents, their wives and families have lived in the Executive Mansion, the official name of the President's house from 1818 until Theodore Roosevelt made the unofficial "White House" official by using it on his letter head. The White House stands as a major symbol of American life. It is the Executive Office of the President, most of whose work is carried out not in the relatively small original house, but in the Executive Wings. It symbolizes the fact that the President em...
Published by Francois Hagnere 65 months ago in United States & Canada | +21 votes | 13 comments
Charleville-Mézières is an original and novating example of 17th century town planning compared with the other creations of the time. It is not a city straight as a bowstring with a symmetrical grid plan, nor a fortress-city. Six squares defined six sectors: The Place Ducale in the centre with on the West side, the palace and on the other three sides, the pavilions we can still see today. The famous poet Arthur Rimbaud was born here, a visit to his museum is a must.
Published by Francois Hagnere 66 months ago in France | +16 votes | 13 comments
With Impressionism a new technique was born that convulsed Academism.
Published by Francois Hagnere 75 months ago in Art & Art History | +17 votes | 13 comments
Discover the history of Champagne, the world's famous wine from France.
Published by Francois Hagnere 92 months ago in France | +13 votes | 13 comments
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